Our Fund

Our vision is to intentionally push Founders to find early customers before they raise substantial money.

At the core of our model is the thesis that earliest stage founders need access to capital to advance their ideas without locking them into growth trajectories that aren’t right for them.

We offer a fund that provides $125K investments in exchange for a tiny fraction of equity, aided by an entire yearlong program designed to support the founder’s business and leadership development needs.

We believe Family Offices provide the healthiest mix of capital to support our program and our Founders in values-aligned ways. 

It’s not about “picking better” it’s about supporting better. Truly supporting Founders, empowering them to unlock their core business, leads to far more winners than the traditional 90% failure rate.

This changes the capital game, and opens up opportunities for Family Offices to be the guiding light Founders need. Capital that’s right-sized for the right-stage, patient enough to support the winding road to product-market fit, professional enough to ensure the capital isn’t a bridge to nowhere, or as has been the case in this ecosystem for far too long, a bridge to yet another round of dilutive funding for a business that’s unproven.

In 5 years’ time, we believe that we will have an active portfolio of 250+ high-performing teams who are either venture-backed, have found a revenue share model, or have partnered with Studios, Corporate Partners, or others to buy or use their IP. We believe we will have a subscription platform that operates as the ecosystem’s #1 gateway to resources for early-stage founders, with a strong path to $100m ARR. We believe we will have made a dent in the mental health crisis and in the diversity/underrepresentation issue caused by bias and lack of equal access to resources, people, and opportunities.