Welcome to Foundery

Foundery exists with the singular purpose to equip Day-0 founders with the tools and support they need to withstand the emotional rollercoaster of the earliest stages of building a company, so that they can make the impact of their vision real and generate healthy returns, without sacrificing people or convictions.

How we deliver support



 Our Program

 A year-long program designed to harmonize business and human learnings, intentionally craft peer support, and financially invest in our companies. 



Our Space

A  geographically agnostic, resource-filled virtual space to help any founder get started. It’s an actual office that looks, feels, and works like the real thing.



Our Community

A supportive community of peers that offers an unwavering sense of belonging and safety from and with whom to learn. 

Our Core Principles

Our Core Principles are the guiding philosophies that we believe power a healthy founder’s journey. They fuel every aspect of how we work with, and create resources for, our founders.

Human Factors

Festina Lente

Hippocratic Capital

Human Factors is all about learning and discerning human behavior. When founders better understand themselves, their teams, and their customers, they build stronger.

We are committed to creating psychologically supportive environments where founders can learn hard realities safely.

The ancient Roman adage, “to make haste, slowly.”

We are committed to helping founders slow down as they experiment which path to pursue, in order to speed up once they’ve found it. 

Capital that “does no harm”.

We are committed to providing investment models that alleviate, rather than add pressure to, early-stage founders.

Why Foundery

 We built Foundery so that founders wouldn’t have to choose between capital and their convictions. 

Today’s startup ecosystem fails founders. Assuming a 90% venture failure rate, it hedges bets on a venture’s probability of success with little to no regard for a founder’s lived experience. Traditional early-stage capital pressurizes companies to grow faster than they should, leading to unnecessary premature “failures”. The result is a majority of “non-investable” businesses, founder mental health issues, and shoddy returns for investors. 

We believe that this 90% macro failure rate for startups has much more to do problems with the existing investment and support structures than with founder capabilities or ideas.

We believe that when you value and leverage founders’ unique capacities, surround them with peers struggling and succeeding alongside them, make space for them to share their experiences, guide them with urgency, but gently, toward sound decision-making, and support them with values-aligned capital, we can reframe the entire system to create higher returns and better founder outcomes.

Our vision is to be the world’s greatest accelerator from a founder’s perspective.


Our Mission is to humanize the startup landscape so founders and funders succeed.


Our vision is to be the world's greatest accelerator from a founder's perspective.