Our Program

We offer a year-long program designed to harmonize business and human learnings in addition to investment capital.

Over the course of 12 months, founders will have the opportunity to test, fail, start over, and succeed at customer discovery within a safe and supportive community of peers and the Foundery team. 

We will guide founders through our proprietary Infinity Loop model, in addition to many other resources, so they can learn what drives them, what their skills are, where they are on their journey, what they still need to accomplish to get where they’re going, and what kind of investable future makes the most sense for who they are and what their customer needs. 

Each founder will come away from our program with:

1. A clear sense of their ICP (ideal customer profile) from many guided and discerned rounds of customer discovery.

2. An investable path with a clear exit strategy and connections for when they’re ready.

3. A deep understanding of their own motives for starting a startup and what that means for their company’s growth. 

4. A network of peers on whom they can rely as they continue growing their companies.